Thank you to everyone who made it out to Southboro for our second Social Media Club Boston event. It was a success all-around I think.

I have published the audio from the event–but because of some temporary problems with WordPress+HipCast compatibility, I put it up on the Topaz blog. I’ve also set up a podcast feed for this and future audio, and added a link from the main page to the podcast for future reference. I didn’t clean it up any.

If you want to grab the raw audio files for other use, they’re here (part 1) and here (part 2).

Thanks again to Howard and Donna of IDG for hosting the event–the wine was excellent, and pizza was darn good too. Howard shared some very interesting findings from IDG on social media use. Also, special thanks to Ian Lamont who agreed to put himself on the spot at the last minute to highlight some social media initiatives at Computerworld, and Howard Greenstein of the Social Media Club who shared an update on SMC globally–did everybody sign up to become a member like he asked?

Finally, a very special thanks to Todd Defren of SHIFT Communications, who stayed well beyond when he was supposed to leave to share his thoughts on the social media release. They were appreciated by everyone and very well received.

The ensuing discussion section, though short, was very interesting and hopefully helpful and engaging for folks.

John Cass was the door prize winner, and walked away with a nice little web cam. I also had several folks approach me offering to help with future events–I’m going to set up a conference call next week for interested folks to help plan out the next few sessions. I’ll post the announcement here.

Our next event is on February 8th at the Lois Paul & Partners offices in Woburn–see you there, if not sooner!

A reminder, if you want to write about us or share photos from the event, please tag your posts SMCBoston and socialmediaclub.

- Todd