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Panelists for Next Week’s Event

I’m very pleased to announce the panelists for next week’s joint PRSA / Social Media Club Boston event. We have more than 60 people already signed up, and can only accomodate 100, so get registered now (you can register as Social Media Club members for a $10 discount), as we expect this event to sell out!

The program, which starts at 6pm next Thursday and which is entitled “Beyond Blogging: PR and Today’s Social Media Revolution”, will be moderated by C.C. Chapman, co-founder and principal of The Advance Guard, a new company focused on using social media and emerging technology to create radical marketing programs. C.C. will be joined by:

Things kick off at 6pm with a full dinner and networking. The program starts at 7pm, with some introductory remarks from our moderator and panelists, followed by an Q&A session that runs until 8:15pm. From 8:15 to 9pm, each panelist will host individual break-out sessions on specific topics. I’ll post them here as soon as they’re finalized!

Hope to see you there!

Eight (Okay, Make It Seven) Controversial Claims

At last week’s Social Media Club Boston event, we tried out a new format which seems to have been well received. In advance, we solicited (via email and the wiki) input on controversial social media “claims” (controversial or interesting stances on interesting issues) to debate at the session. We then gave each topic 10 minutes. The discussions were lively and, hopefully, engaging and insightful. We never took a final poll to see if anybody was swayed on the topics, and I don’t have all the tallies, but here are the eight claims we settled on:

  1. “Social media evangelists don’t pay enough attention to traditional media.”
  2. “Social media is all about promotion (not relationships or content).”
  3. “Social media (as a term) is dead.”
  4. “SEO is unethical because it games the system.”
  5. “Social media leads to ADD/ADHD and poor work performance.”
  6. “Link lists and Twitter posts are appropriate for reposting in blogs and feeds are good.”
  7. “The focus on personal branding has resulted in the cult of personality and egomaniacal tendencies – me too, me first, just plain ME.”

EDITOR’S NOTE: Okay, somehow, I only captured seven topics, and I honestly think we only discussed seven, not the intended eight! Bad math!

Any thoughts on these topics now that you’ve had time to think about them? Share them here, or blog them and tag the post “SMCBoston”. Thanks!

Photos from Last Week’s Walk

We had a great event last week with a good group of photogs… Check out Flickr for photos from last week’s Boston Photo Walk.

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ROI vs. ROi

Thanks to everyone who made it out to last night’s Boston Social Media Club event, and to Brian Cavoli and Cymfony for sponsoring it!

Rather than try to recap the entire event myself, I’ll leave it to others (although John Cass couldn’t bring his laptop and Greg PC was a panelist and perhaps a bit too preoccupied to take notes). Which reminds me, we’re still looking for an official Digital Scribe for our events!

I will share some of my favorite quotes and insights from last night (a couple of which predate the event)…

  • Greg PC: “It’s not about ROI, it’s about ROi, with a small I.”
  • Top 5 most frequently heard objections to social media
  • Katie Paine: “It’s not about how many eyeballs, it’s about the right eyeballs.”
  • Old Quote: Shel Israel: “There’s really no need to measure the ROI of blogs. After all, is it necessary to measure the ROI of your pants?”
  • Counter quote: Charlene Li, Forrester: “Successful blog management requires measurement.”
  • So who’s right?
  • Susan Getgood: “How do you get buy-in for social media? Combine it with traditional marketing activities.”
  • “How do you join the conversation? First, stop selling yourself.
  • Katie Paine: “As a [PR] profession, we’ve spent our lives screaming at people. Stop screaming and start listening.”

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Tonight Only: Social Media ROI

Not too late to sign up for tonight’s Social Media Club Boston event! Hope to see you there!

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