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Boston Community Manager Appreciation Day

The Boston Community Manager Appreciation Day was a huge success! Thanks to Janet Aronica and the oneforty team for the impetus, and all of the sponsors:

OneForty, Social Media Club Boston, Awareness, Communispace, Fresh Ground Communications and The Community Roundtable organized this celebration of Community Manager Appreciation Day.

It was indeed a day to pause and recognize those that make our online communities tick and ensure they have the resources, support and programing to be successful. Thank you!

Have any tweets to share? Use the hashtag #BosCMAD. Have any photos to share? Upload them to Flickr and tag them boscmad.

Engaging Moms Through Social Media: The Good, Bad and Ugly

Moms online are powerful, but in the real world, we are a diverse audience with many interests. Many influential social media moms are ready to rebel against the constant pitches they receive and people speak of a “backlash.” So what’s the right strategy for your client or organization? How can you break through the clutter and mobilize moms online in a meaningful way?

The Social Media Club Boston had a great panel this evening on the state of the mom blogosphere: how to reach the right segment of moms, and how never to end up on a “bad pitch” blog post. Our panelists included:

Moderator: Morra Aarons-Mele, Founder of Women Online

For those of you who missed the event, or those who want to go back over the comments made, here is the audio recording of the event:

Listen Now:

Planning for the Future

Just before the most recent Social Media Club Boston event started, a group of volunteers met to plan out the future of the Social Media Club Boston. I’m very pleased that we made the decision to move forward as an Official Chapter of the Social Media Club. I’ve asked the leadership team to commit to becoming official members, planning one event, and helping promote and attend all events. If you’re still interested in volunteering, please drop me a line.

Our chapter was launched in November of 2006 at a confluence of a call I got from Chris Heuer, the Society for New Communication Research’s Awards Gala, and my own frustration with how the PR industry in particular was dealing with blogger relations and social media. You can read more about the history of the Social Media Club worldwide below the break.

Some Background on the Social Media Club

Earlier this year, Social Media Club founders Chris Heuer (that's me) and Kristie Wells were invited to speak at Webcom Montreal 2010 and share their lessons learned in cultivating the global Social Media Club community. This video of the the presentation, which was called Community from the Heart is a great overview of our story so far.

Chris Heuer and Kristie Wells have developed a global community of social media professionals which has grown from a meeting of a dozen people in an office in Palo Alto in over 160 cities around the world. The Social Media Club has grown in importance, particularly with emphasis on fundamental values such as sharing, assisting others, learning and peer and emphasis on ethics. During the conference, Chris and Kristie will share the lessons they learned during the establishment of this global community and present their plans to propel this community to new heights. Based on the belief that what matters is the heart, they will demonstrate that quality almost always leads to an increase in the amount provided to ignore artificially imposed deadlines. It is as much a history of development of social media narrative of a global community that believes that "if you get something, share it." Chris and Kristie relations trials, tribulations and joys experienced in growing this community and, neglecting the control and trusting the fact that people will do the right things to a large extent .. Sharing the heart is the only route to personal and professional success, your community or serve a social cause focuses on the business. Learn from people who know, who have been in the heart of the action and acted.

The slide presentation is below:

Social Media: Emergency!

On April 20, 2010, an explosion and fire on the BP-licensed Transocean drilling rig Deepwater Horizon leaves 11 people missing, 17 injured, and the beginning of an international nightmare.

Just a few days later, water is even more top of mind for Massachusetts residents when a major water main break leads to boil water orders for 2 million residents around the Boston area.

When a crisis occurs, local, state, regional, national and sometimes international organizations (on both the public and the private side) spring into action to coordinate efforts. In many regards, social media makes this easier and easier to manage. But concerns exist: for example, how do you manage the spread of misinformation?

A panel of practitioners at last Thursday’s “Social Media: Emergency!” event walked us through what happens — and what should happen — when a crisis strikes. Our moderator was Ellen Rossano, principal of Crisis Media Consultants. Panelists included Jess Weiss, New Media Liason for Governor Patrick’s office; Brad Blake of Hill Holliday; and Anna Waclawiczek from the Department of Agricultural Resources.

Here’s the video from the session:

Social Media Emergency! Handling a Crisis Today from Todd Van Hoosear on Vimeo.

Interview with Jeff Cutler for Citizen Gulf Project

Wednesday’s nationwide CitizenGulf Project raised around $10,000 with less than two months of planning. Boston contributed both money, awareness and insight. Even if you missed Wednesday’s event, you can still contribute to the cause!

Here are the five videos we made during Wednesday evening’s CitizenGulf event, thanks to Jeff’s insight and Ja-Nae’s camera skills:

PART 1: In which we learn who and what brought us all together this evening:

PART 2: In which we talk miles (both vertical and horizontal), and the three main industries impacted (oil, seafood and tourism):

PART 3: In which Jeff answers questions about safety, the difference between hurricanes and oil spills, and the tension between the government, BP, scientists and reporters:

PART 4: In which Jeff talks accounting (lost sales, lost jobs, etc.), awareness, access, anniversaries and appetites:

PART 5: In which we wrap things up, Jeff reminds us how we can help here in New England, pleads with us to not boycott BP gas stations and answers the burning question of what his favorite meals were:

Thank you to our attendees, supporters and promoters, who include:

NameContribution LevelAnecdote
Lois ArditoCitizenGulf SupporterThinking outside the fishbowl.
Donna BertolottiIndividual SponsorThank you for your support!
Robert CollinsAttendee/Contributor“No, no, over HERE!”
Jeff CutlerHost“Buy your gas from BP!”
Mick DarlingAttendee/Contributor“When does the dancing start?”
Ja-Nae DuaneAttendee/Contributor“The female Tony Robbins!”
Ashley GagnonAttendee/Contributor“Where’s the valet parking?”
Geoff LivingstonEvent Organizer“#YankeesSuck”
Sandy KalikAttendee/Contributor“Let me know when you’ve figured it out.”
Kelley KassaCitizenGulf Supporter“I know how to deal with fishermen!”
Susan KaupCitizenGulf Supporter“Help I need a venue!”
Chris Nahil & WifeAttendee/Contributor“It’s near and dear to my heart.”
Chris PollaraAttendee/ContributorThanks for helping!
Ellen RossanoAttendee/Contributor“Well, the service was good…”
Leonardo SouzaCitizenGulf Supporter“She’s always this quiet!”
Matt SearlesAttendee/ContributorLoyal longtime Social Media Club member.
Todd Van HoosearCitizenGulf Supporter“Help I need a venue!”
Lauren VargasCitizenGulf SupporterThe impetus behind the Boston event.
Mark WallaceCitizenGulf SupporterSponsored Jeff’s Gulf trip.
Adam ZandCitizenGulf Supporter“Sure, but how was the food?”


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