Thanks to everyone who made it out to last night’s Boston Social Media Club event, and to Brian Cavoli and Cymfony for sponsoring it!

Rather than try to recap the entire event myself, I’ll leave it to others (although John Cass couldn’t bring his laptop and Greg PC was a panelist and perhaps a bit too preoccupied to take notes). Which reminds me, we’re still looking for an official Digital Scribe for our events!

I will share some of my favorite quotes and insights from last night (a couple of which predate the event)…

  • Greg PC: “It’s not about ROI, it’s about ROi, with a small I.”
  • Top 5 most frequently heard objections to social media
  • Katie Paine: “It’s not about how many eyeballs, it’s about the right eyeballs.”
  • Old Quote: Shel Israel: “There’s really no need to measure the ROI of blogs. After all, is it necessary to measure the ROI of your pants?”
  • Counter quote: Charlene Li, Forrester: “Successful blog management requires measurement.”
  • So who’s right?
  • Susan Getgood: “How do you get buy-in for social media? Combine it with traditional marketing activities.”
  • “How do you join the conversation? First, stop selling yourself.
  • Katie Paine: “As a [PR] profession, we’ve spent our lives screaming at people. Stop screaming and start listening.”

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