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Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Experiential Marketing


Your interaction with a business is diverse: in the store, with a product, at the website, through advertising and events, across social media. The more touch points that you can experience, the more likely the business succeeds. If you’ve seen the giant noodle outside Faneuil Hall such as the above picture taken by Adam Gaffin, you already have an edge on experiential marketing.

Geoff Livingston and Terry Lozoff want to tell you what is working in the industry.

Geoff Livingston is a blogger and marketing communications pro with 18 years of experience working with clients including eBay, Ford, Google, United Way of America, Network Solutions, Verizon Wireless, and the Washington Nationals. He recently wrote his third book, co-authoring Marketing in the Round with Gini Dietrich. He tweets @GeoffLiving.

Terry Lozoff is co-founder, President, and CEO of Boston-based experiential and interactive marketing agency Antler. He has led marketing strategies for brands including Miller Brewing Co., GlobalPost, Magners Irish Cider, vitaminwater, ableBanking, and New Balance. He tweets @TerryLozoff.

Social Media Club Boston is pleased to bring these experiential marketing powerhouses together on the evening of Wednesday, August 29 at the Microsoft NERD Center. There will be discussion followed by audience Q&A. IZZE and 2nd St. Creamery will be on hand to provide refreshments, and ISITE Design will help us with on-site assistance.

Over 100 people have already RSVPd to attend this amazing event. About 50 seats remain. If you’d like to claim yours, please visit this registration page before 5 p.m. today.

Integrating Social Media Across the Big Brand

The Harmony of Cross-Channel Marketing

In less than a day, we’ve put together a killer panel for an event that’s next week. And we expect to fill the room. Is that the power of social media or what?

Join us on Thursday, May 14th at 6:30pm for “Integrating Social Media Across the Big Brand: The Harmony of Cross-Channel Marketing,” a panel discussion that looks at the ways that big brands are integrating social media across media channels. SIGN UP NOW!

Should social media marketing be treated as a discreet, stand-alone program or part of a larger marketing strategy? Given that social media underscores community building, how does it apply to advertising campaigns that have a limited lifespan?

Our May 14th Social Media Club Boston event will feature a panel of social media and marketing practitioners who will discuss the benefits and challenges of cross-channel social media integration. The panel is moderated by Mike Proulx, Vice President, Interactive for Hill Holliday. Mike leads Hill Holliday’s Interactive Marketing Strategy Team with a passionate eye towards cross-channel integration, strong online anchors, and brand democratization through social media. Mike is fascinated by the impact of media convergence and believes that 1+1 can equal 3 when 360 degree marketing programs are executed with harmony and elegance.

Panelists include:

* Terry Lozoff – President, Street Attack – Terry has played an intricate role in the growth of the company and in the ongoing direction of operations, strategy and vision. After graduating with a business degree from The University of Colorado, Boulder, Terry spent several years on the marketing and production side of the music industry before joining the ranks of the agency world. Terry has been with Street Attack since 2003 as co-founder and partner.
* Ashley Randall – Senior Product Manager, TripAdvisor – Ashley leads TripAdvisor’s social media and community initiatives, including the top-rated Facebook applications, TripAdvisor traveler network, travel maps and wiki-based travel guides, as well as products for TripAdvisor’s destination expert program and forums community. Ashley came to TripAdvisor from Newbury Comics and Tweeter, and spent more than ten years as a new media consultant to clients including American Express, Estee Lauer, HP, Morgan Stanley and many more.
* Ken Peters – Vice President, Text 100 Public Relations
* Vicki Rellas – CMO, Mom Central
* Mike Spataro – Vice President, Client Strategy & Channel Partners – Visible Technologies

Some of the campaigns and initiatives that will be discussed include:

* Chili’s Integrated P.J. Bland’s Campaign (Hill Holliday)
* Award-winning Best Buy @15 Challenge with Ashoka Youth Venture (Street Attack)
* IBM and Cisco’s social media initiatives
* Mom Central’s campaign (a perfect topic just after Mother’s Day!)
* Crisis management, customer service and outbound engagement projects at FedEx, Vanguard, Kraft Foods, and Hormel
* Many more!

Stick around after the event for more socializing!



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