On Tuesday, May 20th, PRSA is planning a great event on social media and the future of journalism. SIGN UP NOW!

Newsrooms are shrinking and many industry trade magazines continue on their low-calorie diets. Meanwhile, advertising revenues continue to shift online, where publishers are still trying to find the right business model. Print isn’t the only industry being challenged–television is facing the repercussions of video on-demand (and the ability to fast-forward through commercials), while radio is trying to figure out how to make its content available online in streaming and podcast formats while maintaining ad revenues.

Veteran journalist Paul Gillin, author of “The New Influencers” and the upcoming book “Secrets of Social Media Marketing”, leads a panel of reporters, editors and producers through a discussion of the future of journalism in a social media world. The big questions we’ll ask:

* How are blogs, podcasts and online video impacting the both the business and the reporting of news?
* Will journalists need to master video, audio and photography in order to practice their craft in the future?
* How has the journalism profession been impacted by the success of bloggers moving into the reporting business?
* What does the future have in store for mainstream media? How can those media stay relevant in a changing information world?

[UPDATED 15 MAY 2008] Our panelists so far include:
* Ted McEnroe, Director of Digital Media, NECN
* Robin Lubbock, Director of New Media, WBUR
* Howard Sholkin, Director of Communications & Marketing Programs, IDG Communications
* David Wallace, Managing Partner, Gamechange LLC

SIGN UP NOW! (The event will be held at the American Cancer Society offices right by the Weston tolls (intersection of the Mass Pike and 128 / I-95.)